Tri Jaya Guest House

Om Swastiastu! We welcome you! Bienvenue. Wilkommen.
Wilkom til Tri Jaya Guest House..

Come join our family at TriJaya. A place that serves Balinese lifestyle experiences, we not only present the family atmosphere but we introduce the sublime culture and traditions of Bali, that we pack through direct interaction with residents in the village of Pemuteran.

Connect with Bali and our family by eating together, learning about Balinese culture, and meeting the community of Pemuteran. We will show you traditional Balinese life and culture in Pemuteran. In between Beach and Mountain you will experience the atmosphere of Pemuteran.We are close to the beach just 5 minutes walk by foot. When you are here we will help you take part in any ceremonies or processions that are happening during your stay. By providing you with traditional Balinese clothing and helping you understand the importance of Balinese Hinduism in our lives, we will make you part of our procession. Our family has deep roots in Pemuteran and your visit will help us build our community through donations to our schools and temples.

Our Philosophy

Our goal at Guest House is to build connections between our visitors, our family, and our community. By introducing you to Balinese culture from the inside, we hope to give you a better understanding of our way of life and help you learn more about your inner self. Though we host visitors from many different countries, religions, and ethnicities, we believe that we are all far more similar than we are different.

In Bali our basic philosophy is tri hita karana – harmony between humans and god, harmony amongst humans, and harmony between humans and nature. This philosophy permeates every aspect of Balinese life, from the whole village to each household. In the village, the corresponding principles are the temple, for the connection between humans and god; for the community, the connection between humans; and the cemetery, the relationship between humans and nature. Tri hita karana is present even in the design of the household buildings. It is a complex concept, but we will be happy to explain it when you are here.

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